Success Creation Tools

Join Business and Media Coach
K. Femi Akojenu
CEO, LifeZone TV

Success Tools Seminar/Grant Opportunity Workshop

June 27, 2020
@ 11am to 2pm

Available Online and OnDemand

To Register, call
877-752-7169 or visit


Business Formation and Lead Generation Tools Marketing and Public Relations Tools Live Streaming and Video Tools Church Services and Seminar Tools Financial Management and Investment Tools Tools to Simplify Daily Tasks Grants and Fundraising Tools

Friends and Family Package
Buy One, Get a $10 discount on the second one

Space is limited, so register today while seats are available!

Public Transportation

Queens Bus Route:
Take the Q4 from Archer Avenue to Farmers Blvd, walk half a block to 189-23 Linden Blvd.

NYC Subway
E/J train to Jamaica Center, then take Q4 bus to Farmers Blvd
or take the LIRR to Saint Albans stop.