October 31, 2011
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016 | “Our vision is to continually bring spiritual applications and youth inspired adventures to our young audience. We are expanding our vision to include animation” said LifeZone’s CEO Femi Akojenu.

"Animation is a tremendous way to reach people and to keep them engaged. Animation is now a part of almost every film or design production. Printed art is being gradually replaced by digital art as you will see in UPRISING, said Mrs. Kimberlee Bryan, President of HRM Productions.

Life Zone Television Network launched the animation series UPRISING, as an adventure-fueled cartoon whose mission was to deal with moral decay through a young generation of leaders.

The first episode begins in the year 2057 where the earth’s populace has been affected by a combination of a lethal virus and degraded environmental conditions. Six youths of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds are hunted when it is found out that they do not suffer from the virus like the rest of the populace. It is through these trials that they learn to have courage in the face of adversity.

"The tremendous technology advances in animation have enhanced UPRISING," said James Bryan, Vice-President of HRM.

Integrity International Consulting Group served as the facilitator of the partnership. “When I see a good and viable connection, I try to seize every opportunity to facilitate a partnership. LifeZone Television Network and HRM Production Company is a perfect example of a true fit”, said Dr. Cheryl A. Hill, President of Integrity International Consulting Group.

About LifeZone Television Network
The LifeZone Television Network is a faith-centered television network which offers programs that are entertaining, faith and business focused and educational-all of which promotes a healthy Christian lifestyle. LifeZone offers 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week streaming of Christian and inspirational programming that appeal to Christians of various denominations. With a mission to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ and to seek out every available means of distribution to a world in need of hope, LifeZone TV has an extensive blend of interdenominational and multi- cultural programming that is broadcasted into homes across the globe. LifeZone TV can be seen on Channel 710 on World Cable Network and online at We have the ability to reach over 5 million viewers and by 2015 expect to reach even more. LifeZone TV has an extensive blend of interdenominational and multi-cultural programming that is broadcasted into homes across the globe. LifeZone TV can also be seen on the Hispanic Gospel Network, TelAfric, Africa Live, Total Caribbean Network, Truli TV, OHTV, and Believers Television Network. We are also online at our mobile access is and our satellite is Amos 5 Satellite located at 17 degrees.

About HRM
HRM Incorporated is a Maryland based media, publishing and consulting firm. The production division of HRM Incorporated intends to create additional animated and film projects highlighting the creative talents and abilities of young talent telling great stories. For more information about HRM Incorporated, visit them on the web at or call them at 443-221-2876; to find out more about the production division which features our animations, graphic novels and comics, visit “The Collective” at

For more information for LifeZone Television call 1.877.752. 7169 or email

LifeZone TV Signs a Deal to Show Christian Movies
October 31, 2011
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QUEENS, NY, OCTOBER 31, 2011: LifeZone TV recently signed a Syndication partnership to broadcast Christian Movies. LifeZone TV joins other Christian Network like God TV, Daystar Television Network, NRB Network, FamilyNet, AmericanLife TV, Christian Television Network, CTN Lifestyle and the Miracle Channel to sign the same deal that will inspire viewers around the world through movies.

Starting in November 2011, for two hours a day, LifeZone TV will connect viewers with the best in inspirational entertainment anytime, anywhere. With the new distribution deal that LifeZone TV recently signed, LifeZone TV is poised to be "the" destination for Christian movies that will also feature original series, documentaries, as well as specials that are profound and uplifting stories of faith. Please check our movie schedule at to see a list of movies and airing times.

LifeZone TV Launches on Roku
August 1, 2011
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QUEENS, NY, AUGUST 1, 2011: LifeZone TV can now be seen on Roku under TelAfric and PowerBling Networks.

About 3 million people own a Roku box all accross America. .

To watch LifeZone TV on Roku, just go to TelAfric or Powerbling and choose LifeZone TV. LifeZone TV channel is free on Roku.

LifeZone TV Launches in NYC
Monday, May 3, 2010
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QUEENS, NY, APRIL 20, 2010: Pastor K. Femi Akojenu announces the launch of a new 24/7 Christian TV Station: LifeZone TV in NYC today. LifeZone TV Station will be broadcasted on channel 712 through World Cable Network and on the World Wide Web at

The program line up features several prominent ministers of the gospel both here in USA and abroad. They include Days of Discovery, publishers of the world renowned devotional, "Our Daily Bread"; Bishop Eddie Long from the television program "Taking Authority"; Kenneth Haggin; Sid Roth from "It's Supernatural"; Karen Wheaton from "The Ramp"; Prophet Kim Clement. The Gaithers, from "Gaither's Homecoming Hour"; Pastor Sunday Adelaja from Kiev, Ukraine; Pastor Adefarasin from “House on the Rock, Nigeria", and many more.

Pastor K. Femi Akojenu, Regional Manager of LifeZone TV in New York, said "This is an opportunity for every true Christian ministry to get their message out to the world. There are many anointed men and women of God here in New York that the world is waiting to discover."

Airtime is still available for churches, ministries and Christian businesses to broadcast their messages and services on LifeZone TV at a reasonable rate.

For more information or to broadcast your services on LifeZone TV, please call Pastor Femi Akojenu at 718-787-5268.